BiFilter2 asking for a serial code? Can't register it? Here's the solution!

Some Windows users might find that the awesome CM182 software give-away BiFilter2 is asking for a serial code when launched. Don't worry, the solution to this problem is simple!

1. First, quit your DAW.

2. Locate the folder where you installed BiFilter2 from. That's the Tone2 BiFilter2 folder on the DVD, or in the Zip file you downloaded from our online Vault system.

3. In that folder folder, open the sub-folder called "dat file".

4.Copy the BiFilter2.dat file to the VST folder where you installed BiFilter2 to, ie, the folder with all your other VST DLLs.

5. Restart your DAW and load the plug-in.

6. Bingo! You're ready to rock out with one of the best filter effects around!

Haven't checked out BiFilter2 yet? Here it is in action:

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