Aalto CM - FREE VST/AU synth plugin

Free with Computer Music magazine, Aalto CM is a next-level monophonic synth from Madrona Labs. It's a special version of their acclaimed subtractive synth Aalto, famed for its unusual capabilities and astounding analogue-style sound, and it's ideal for everything from huge basses to crazy leads and bizarre FX.

Here's what you get in Aalto CM:

  • Professional sound quality and over 100 presets
  • Patchable modulation - wire sources to destinations using virtual patch cables!
  • Complex oscillator with built-in FM, Timbre and Noise options
  • Morphable multimode filter based on Oberheim SEM filter
  • Waveguide/Delay section, combining waveshaping and comb-filtering
  • Two envelopes: one ADSR, one ADR with Repeat option
  • LFO with Noise parameter
  • Step Sequencer with numerous options
  • Rich reverb effect
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST

How to get Aalto CM:

Get the latest issue of Computer Music magazine and you can download Aalto CM right away.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system.

If you like Aalto CM, check out its big brother Aalto at Madrona Labs' website- it offers four-voice polyphony instead of Aalto CM's single voice, so you can play chords and use unison detune.

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