Ask MusicRadar: what's the best iPhone music-making app?

Tell us about your hand-held tune-crafting favourites

iPhone user
An iPhone user, making an album. Probably.
(Image: © Ryan Pyle/Corbis)

Back in the day, most music was created in a pro studio, but then home recording technology allowed us to get busy in our bedrooms.

Computers made this easier before laptops then gave us a degree of portability, but thanks to Apple's iPhone/iPod touch platform, we can now make music on a handheld device whenever and wherever we want.

The big question, though, is which of the many available apps we should be using to do this? Apple's bustling store boasts synths, virtual instruments, drum machines, samplers, remixing tools, controllers and multitrack recorders, but we want you to tell us which are the ones worth downloading.

What to do now

Think about the iPhone/iPod touch music-making apps that have kept you most engaged and enabled you to produce the best results. There's a lot of stuff out there now, but we want to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Once you've made your selections, log in to MusicRadar and tell us about them in the comments below. Whether you've got just one favourite or half-a-dozen, we want to hear from you.

We'll publish your list of unmissable apps in the coming weeks.