Line-up change for Meinl Drum Festival

Meinl Drum Festival, which will be spanning the days of 6 and 7 September in Gutenstetten, Germany, has announced alterations to the line-up due to the unfortunate unavailability of Thomas Lang.

"Due to unforeseen changes in my touring and travel schedule in September this year, unfortunately I am not able to perform at the Meinl Drum Festival," said Lang. He recorded the statement in a video message. Although most of the recording is in German, Lang also makes an apology for being unable to attend in English – and while you wait for that you can watch him in a speedboat and talking about sausages. No kidding.

As always, however, Meinl promises a cracking show. Selected to play in place of Thomas Lang are Johnny Rabb (Biodiesel, USSA) and Daniel Svensson (In Flames). Also appearing is a very special performer, vaudeville artist Fernando, who presents his show ‘Juggling On Drums’. The first day will also see masterclasses from Benny Greb and Jost Nickel, while the second day is filled with performances from drum legends.

For up-to-date info on the line-up and tickets, visit the Meinl Drum Festival website.

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