Orchestral Percussion comes to Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and SampleTank 3

IK Multimedia launches perfect add-on for the modern symphonic composer

IK Multimedia has announced a new Orchestral Percussion pack for Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and SampleTank 3.

Following on from the successful Cinematic Percussion pack, IK Multimedia has once again enlisted the help of renowned drummer and percussionist Greg Ellis to record a wide variety of instruments - from symphonic chau gongs to piatti cymbals.

As with his previous drum pack, all the orchestral percussion was recorded at Ellis's Hollywood studio for pristine quality audio.

The pack includes a total of 1,822 samples, 411 audio loops, 102 MIDI patterns and 48 instruments. all totalling 3GB of content.

Orchestral Percussion is available now for €99. More information can be found on the IK Multimedia website.

Orchestral Percussion full instrument content list

23 playable instruments

  • Orchestral Percussion Menu
  • Timpani Med Mallet
  • Timpani Soft Mallet
  • Timpani Hard Mallet
  • Timpani Soft Stack
  • Timpani Hard Stack
  • Timpani Deep Stack
  • Timpani Rolls mp
  • Timpani Rolls f
  • Timpani Crescendos
  • Timpani Crescendos Release
  • Gran Cassa
  • Orchestral Snare Drums
  • Symphonic Gongs
  • Piatti 20-inch
  • Piatti 14-inch
  • Bell Tree Glisses
  • Orchestral Sleighbells
  • Orchestral Tambourines
  • Orchestral Castanets
  • Orchestral Ratchet
  • Triangles Keyed Release
  • Triangles Release+Mute

25 loop instruments

  • Largo Const Kit 1 60bpm
  • Largo Const Kit 2 60bpm
  • Largo Timpani 60bpm
  • Largo Snare 60bpm
  • Largo Sleigh-Tamb-Cast 60bpm
  • Moderato Const Kit 1 84bpm
  • Moderato Const Kit 2 84bpm
  • Moderato Timpani 84bpm
  • Moderato Snare 84bpm
  • Moderato Sleigh-Tamb-Cast 84bpm
  • Allegretto Const Kit 1 100bpm
  • Allegretto Const Kit 2 100bpm
  • Allegretto Timpani 100bpm
  • Allegretto Snare 100bpm
  • Allegretto Sleigh-Tamb-Cast 100bpm
  • Allegro Const Kit 1 120bpm
  • Allegro Const Kit 2 120bpm
  • Allegro Timpani 120bpm
  • Allegro Snare 120bpm
  • Allegro Sleigh-Tamb-Cast 120bpm
  • Vivace Const Kit 1 144bpm
  • Vivace Const Kit 2 144bpm
  • Vivace Timpani 144bpm
  • Vivace Snare 144bpm
  • Vivace Sleigh-Tamb-Cast 144bpm
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