Musikmesse 08: Vigier Guitars introduces 4 new models

Roger Glover Signature, Passion and Arpege basses and a new Marilyn electric are on the way

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The new Marilyn is powered by two high gain DiMarzio pickups
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Arpege IV Bass
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Excess Roger Glover Signature Bass
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Passion Bass IV
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The new Marilyn

French guitar manufacturer Vigier has previewed four brand-new guitars at this year’s Frankfurt trade show. Welcome the Arpege IV bass, the Passion Bass Series IV, a second Roger Glover Signature Bass and a new Marilyn electric.

Arpege IV Bass

The redesigned Arpege bass now features a carbon-reinforced bolt-on neck with a carbon bar replacing the traditional truss rod. Electrics include a pair of single coil pickups with separate bass, medium and treble controls.

Passion Bass IV

The reinforced neck is also present on the new Passion which boasts an alder body with a maple top and back. A pair of noiseless custom Delano single coil pickups with a new 3 band EQ electronic are also included.

Excess Roger Glover Signature Bass

The Excess signature shares the same features found on the Vigier Excess II Original Bass; French Alder body, solid quick-release bridge and Benedetti pickups. The Roger Glover model also includes 3-band EQ electronics and phosphorescent fret markings.


The new Marilyn is powered by two high gain DiMarzio pickups and the jack output has been repositioned on the side for a safer connection. As an option, the guitar is ready to receive two active EMG pickups.

Prices TBA.