LIMS 2009: photo gallery

The best of this weekend's music show caught on camera

The London International Music Show 2009 was a veritable treasure trove of shiny gear, rock star debauchery and general music making excess.

So welcome to LIMS 2009... in photos.

Next page: this way to the show floor...

Marshall stand

And we're in! The day before opening and we're greeted with the Marshall stand "in progress". Ahem.

Future stand

And we're "in progress" too. We give you the small (if imperfectly formed) MusicRadar stand. Somehow, we went from disorganised chaos to...

The future stand

...the finished article! Welcome to day one!

Coffin case

Obligatory trade show photo #1: The coffin guitar case.

Dr jim marshall obe

Dr Jim Marshall OBE signing stuff on Marshall's stand. Jim wasn't the only legend we bumped into first thing...

Nigel tufnel's Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel! Well, it's his guitar. Behind glass. On the Music Man stand. Where's a hammer when you need one.

Mick and nev

Guitarist's Mick Taylor and Guitar Techniques' Neville Marten rock the MusicRadar stand.

Roland v-piano

Roland V-Piano: look but don't touch. Unless you have that hammer we mentioned back on the Spinal Tap page.

MusicRadar bin

"MusicRadar, where have you bin all my life?!"

Roland v-drums

Now that's what I call a V-Drum... One of four walls of sound.

Dub fx

DubFX, beatboxing, looping, Boss pedals... how?

Inky hollow guitars

Yes, you are allowed to be very proud of your custom paint job, Mr Inky Hollow Guitars.

Steve vai

Steve Vai mania! Biggest crowd of the show, hands down.

Fender pump


Guthrie govan

Obligatory Guthrie Govan shredding shot. Wouldn't be a show without him...

Behind the scenes

The view behind the scenes. Arf.

Kork microkorg

Korg MicroKorg + Bling ragga Skullcandy cans = Much coolness.

Moose guitars

And you'll never guess what this is (via the weirdest stand of the show).

Mick kid blues

Back to the MusicRadar stand. Hang on, Neville looks diff... oh no, it's Mick from Guitarist with a 12-year-old 'blues star in the making' called Adam

Guitar idol

Guitar Idol winner Jack Thammerat graciously accepts his prizes after totally kicking everyone's ass.

SpongeBob squareband

We give you SpongeBob SquareBand.

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