It was a very good year... right?

It’s awards season, and here at CM we’ve been pondering our favourite music technology happenings over the past twelve months. Here are some of our most treasured moments from the last year:

The Good

• Windows XP running on Intel Macs

• The rise of Reaper

• The KVR Developer Challenge

• Zebra 2, possibly the best soft synth ever

• SSL Duende

Of course for every Golden Globe there has to be a Razzie, so here are some of the less than scintillating things that we’ve endured:

The Bad

• Sonalog Gypsy MIDI – nice idea but so expensive

• Arturia Brass – failed to give us the horn

• Increasingly irritating copy protection mechanisms

• Wave Idea Bitstream 3X – wonky sliders

Those are our high and low-lights, but what have you loved and loathed over the last twelve months? Leave a comment to let us know!

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