Learn how to play 12 essential chords on your MIDI keyboard

Get your hands ready...
Get your hands ready...

You might not be much of a keyboard player, but whatever style of music it is you make, if you know some basic chords (and how to play them) then you'll be at a big advantage when you're creating tracks in your DAW.

What follows is a guide to some of the most commonly used chords, including examples of how each one is played on a keyboard. Intervals are given in a numerical format - you can assume they are the 'major' or 'perfect' varieties unless modified with a preceding flat, making them minor or diminished intervals.

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1. Major

2. Minor

3. Suspended fourth

4. Power chord

5. Major seventh

6. Minor seventh

7. Dominant seventh

8. Diminished seventh

9. Add 6

10. Add 9

11. 6/9

12. Dominant ninth

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