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Weekend riff: Michael Jackson - Beat It (main riff)

Rock meets pop with Steve Lukather's cool riffing in one of Michael Jackson's best loved tracks

This classic riff is based around a three-string E minor arpeggio with an added 9th interval F# thrown in for good measure. You need to carefully mute the strings so that the notes don't ring out over each other. Watch the video closely and you'll notice the fret hand does this job by quickly muting the strings after each of the last two notes of the phrase. Get this just right and you'll notice a slightly percussive vibe as those string mutes and staccato notes give a noticeably funky feel.

Click here to download the 'Beat It' preset for the Peavey Vypyr VIP-2

'Beat It'
© 1982 Michael Jackson

Tutor: Steve Allsworth
Videographer: Martin Holmes

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