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MusicRadar Basics: essential accessories

MusicRadar Basics: electric guitar part 6 - essential accessories

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Aside from the guitar itself, there are a few accessories that are going to make using and maintaining your shiny new guitar a lot easier.

First off, a case is essential. It'll protect your guitar from getting damaged both at home and when you move it. Initially a soft case like this will do the job. The more padding the better, when it comes to soft cases.

When you start taking your guitar out you may want to invest in a hard case for better protection. Make sure to choose a case that your guitar fits snugly inside, otherwise it'll rattle around in there.

Most guitar cases have got handy pockets for all those essential accessories you'll need to carry. Among the things you'll want to have handy are a tuner, spare strings, a string winder, a multi-tool, plectrums, capos, leads and spare batteries for tuners and any effects you own.

It's always best to be prepared - you'd be surprised how hard it can be to track down a 9volt battery when you really need one!