10-minute lick bag: how to play a classic blues-rock lick

This is a classic blues-rock lick in the key of B minor that features B minor pentatonic (B D E F# A), shape 1 (the common 'blues box' shape). It's a lick that could typically fit into a verse or chorus section, after a vocal phrase.

Select your bridge pickup (ideally a humbucker) and a crunchy overdriven amp tone. Watch your string bends are in tune (a full tone bend, not nearly a tone bend) and the pull-offs are strong in bar 2, especially the 10th fret pull-off using the fourth finger. Use quick and precise pick strokes for bar 3's double-stops (all down strokes) or for a softer sound, your second and third fingers.

To best follow the animated tab video select HD and full-screen mode.