10 quick tips for rehearsing drummers

Band kit

Band kit

Rehearsals await... © ABM/Corbis

Practice, as they say, makes perfect. So what better way to kick-off MusicRadar's brand new series of quick and easy tips for improving sticksman (courtesy of the drumming experts at Rhythm Magazine) than with a guide to rehearsing…

10 quick tips: rehearsals

1. Take notes

Make notes of what needs working on for the next rehearsal - before you go down the pub and forget it all.

2. Change positions

As a band try setting up in different positions. If you always sit in a circle and aim the amps in, you'll just get louder and louder...

3. Go solo

Fly solo and book a rehearsal room on your own. You will find that rehearsal spots sometimes do special deals for drummers, take advantage of them.

Drummer bassist

Drummer bassist

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4. Love your bassist

Take along your bass player and try out all those smart grooves the songwriters will never let you play!

5. Share your grooves

Get some groove ideas for songs together and take them along to the next rehearsal with the 'proper' musicians.

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6. Change the tempo

If you're bored or lacking in inspiration, try playing familiar tunes much slower or much faster.

7. Change the style

Try playing familiar songs in different styles - if you're a metal band try playing funk, pop or folk versions of your songs... it worked for Led Zeppelin.

8. Improvise

Try improvising. Jamming can be a waste of time, but equally it can be the way you develop a band identity and gel as a unit.

Band rehearsing

Band rehearsing

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9. Jam together, get paid together

Jamming can also lead to new material. And you the drummer can then claim a co-writing credit.

10. Try and be dynamic

Use dynamics. Whaddaya mean I need to use dynamics? I'm playing as loud as I can? Exactly...

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