Xmas comp goodies

Enter TG's bumper Xmas competition


and you could win this amazing list of guitary goodies!

Orange Music Electronic Company Ltd 020 8905 2828/www.orangeamps.com

Orange Tiny Terror Combo £439

IK Multimedia UK 01223 234414/www.ikmultimedia.com

IK Multimedia Total Guitar & Bass Bundle £400

John Hornby Skewes 0113 2865381/www.jhs.co.uk

JHS Christmas Stocking £39.99

Danelectro Cool Cat Drive £29.99

Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe £49.99

Rockfield Pickups 01376 550033/www.rockfieldpickups.com

Rockfield Mafia Pickups Rosetti LTD £39.95 each

Roland UK 01792 702701/www.roland.co.uk

Boss Fender ´59 Bassman £116

Boss Deluxe Reverb Pedals £116

Electro Harmonix www.ehx.com

Electro-Harmonix Memory Man £130

Line 6 01327 302700/www.line6.com

Line 6 JM4 Looper £257

Summerfield Musical Instruments 0191 414 9000/www.daddario.com

D´Addario accessories £100

Barnes And Mullins 01691 652449/www.faithguitars.co.uk

Faith Venus Electro Acoustic £499

Arbiter Music Group 020 8207 7860/www.nativeinstruments.com

Native Instruments Guitar Rig Session £199

Black I Distribution 01236 861261/www.blacki.eu

Spear RT-ST £399

Korg UK 01908 857100/www.voxamps.com

4 Vox Amplugs £35 each

Pitchjack £17.95

2 Curly Cables £20 each

Selectron UK 01795 419460/www.espguitars.com

ESP T-Shirts

Shiner Distribution: 01179 556035/www.shiner-distribution.co.uk

Draven DP Disaster Skate Shoes

Roadrunner Records www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk

Signed posters, signed singles and band t-shirts (Dream Theater, Trivium, Sanctity, Madina Lake and much more!)

Properganda www.properganda.co.uk

Grey Rock N´ Roll Saved My Life Plant shirt

Brown Rock N´ Roll Saved My Life JC shirt

Remnant clothing www.remnantclothing.com

Iron Fist t-shirt

Rockett t-shirt

Verse t-shirt

Vans 0208 846 8267/www.vans.co.uk

Iron Maiden Hi-tops

Rockstar Clothing: www.rockstarclothing.co.uk

CBGB t-shirt

Kiss t-shirt

Frank Zappa t-shirt

T-Rex t-shirt

Duff Press www.duffpress.co.uk

In Flames t-shirts

Sonic Syndicate t-shirt

Nuclear Blast t-shirt

Joe Browns: 01132 346070/www.joebrowns.co.uk

Fender Guitar t-shirt

Hendrix t-shirt

Clash t-shirt

Ed Stone: www.ed-stone.com

I Love Thrash t-shirt

Ed Stone t-Shirt

Drop Dead Clothing: 01142 903613/www.iheartdropdead.com

Camouflage hoody

Human insides t-shirt

Purple logo t-shirt

Wolf´s head logo t-shirt

Black skull logo t-shirt

Multi-coloured girls hoody

6x packs of badges

Logo stickers