Total Guitar 244 on sale now: Budget Signature Models You Need To Play!

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Total Guitar 244 is on sale in print in the UK, and worldwide digitally for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire from today.

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What's inside:

Budget Signature Guitars
To celebrate the release of the EVH Striped series, we choose our favourite affordable signature electrics on the market today

Jimmy Eat World
Mark Tremonti
City And Colour (Dallas Green)

Learn To Play
Black Sabbath 'War Pigs'
Simon and Garfunkel 'Mrs Robinson'
Arctic Monkeys 'Do I Wanna Know?'
Get Your Grades! RGT and Rockschool
Guest Lesson: Mattias Eklundh
Speed Workout: Play faster with our three-note-per-string workout!

Gear Reviews
The latest new kit from:
Fender, Danelectro, Electro-Harmonix, Yamaha, Larivee and loads more!

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