TG193 On Sale Now: The Definitive Guitar Guide To The Beatles!

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's October issue is on sale in stores NOW with loads of incredible tab and practical features to help you play better.

TG193 presents The Definitive Guitar Guide To The Beatles, in which we profile the licks, the gear and the albums that made the Fab Four the world´s greatest band.

We celebrate 50 years of the Vox AC30, tracing the history of the ultimate rock ‘n´ roll valve amp with tips on getting that vintage sparkle on a budget.

We also pay tribute to the guitar world´s greatest inventor, Les Paul, who died last month.

Within the pages Europe's biggest selling guitar mag there is something for everyone, from blues, blues, funk and reggae to rock, metal and punk. It's the only magazine dedicated to making you the best player you can be!

Plus there's a raft of awesome tab including The Beatles´ gorgeous Harrison-penned ballad 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps', AC/DC's' rifftastic 'Thunderstruck' and metal maestros Trivium's shredathon 'Into The Mouth Of Hell We March', which came out top in our readers´ poll over Children Of Bodom.

You can also learn how to play our Riff Of The Month - indie upstarts Arctic Monkeys´ new single 'Crying Lightning.'

Also in this issue, we group test some mighty hard rock half stacks and check out Kirk Hammett´s dead-waking new entry level signature guitar, the KH-Ouija in our industry leading gear section.

We teach you how to develop your own guitar voice in our unique phrasing feature, and profile the guitar world´s hottest new band Twin Atlantic.

And our experts show you how to master perhaps the most advance technique there is - sweep picking, with advice from Firewind's (and now Ozzy´s) shred guru Gus G, and TG´s new acoustic tutor Tommy Emmanuel shows you how to adopt his fingerstyle technique.

Also tabbed this issue:

Strum along to The King Blues´ 'I Got Love.´

Booker T & The MGs´ 'Green Onions'

Learn how to play FIVE classic Beatles riffs from ‘Ticket To Ride´ to ‘Taxman´

Stick the CD in your stereo or computer, listen to the audio lessons and play along with the backing tracks!

We also show you how to play and sound like Muse´s epic and flamboyant guitarist/frontman Matt Bellamy

Along with our exclusive regular video lessons with Mr Big´s Paul Gilbert, and advice on how to keep your axe in tip top shape in Ed's Shed, it makes a pretty tasty package for £4.99!

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