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Johnny flynn free mp3 download

Johnny flynn free mp3 download

Johnny Flynn - Kentucky Pill

The man that was Mumford and Sons, before Mumfords and Sons, is preparing his highly-anticipated second album, 'Been Listening', and heading out on tour this May (click here for dates - be warned, they sell out).

If the rest of the new full-length is like 'Kentucky Pill', we may very well have our summer soundtrack secured.

Get The Rest…

The Fabulous Penetrators - The Hump

This gang of garage-rock revivalists sound like they pick their teeth with a flick-knife and floss with their cheese-wire guitar strings.

This City - Black And Blue

An awesome new UK post-hardcore group from the Epitaph stable. Catchy, aggressive and innovatively rhythmical, it's good stuff, even if the 'talking breakdown' sounds a little tired.

Young Rebel Set - Borders

This gaggle of North-Eastern lads pedal a fine brand of working class rock. Sounding like Bruce Springsteen would if he had been raised on the mean streets of Newcastle, instead of New Jersey.

Slaves To Gravity - Last Ignition

This reminds us very much of the kind of metal that was doing the rounds back in the early naughties courtesy of the likes of the Deftones, A Perfect Circle, and if you want to get REALLY specific, Vex Red.

Hovercraft Pirates - Shut The Hell Up

All rock music can be compared to cuts of beef. 'Shut The Hell Up' is a chunky slab of hardcore-punk inflected rib eye rock-steak that's been thoroughly tenderised with mosh-pit fists.

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