Free Track Friday: Free MP3 downloads from Belle And Sebastian, The Union and more!

We've only gone and put together free MP3 downloads from Belle And Sebastian, Matt Costa, Humanfly and The Union. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our choices, so go ahead, snoop around…

**Track of the week**

Humanfly - Stew For The Murder Minded (Right-click to download)

Humanfly free mp3 downloads

Humanfly free mp3 downloads

Colossal riffing, deftly layered over ridunkulously large riffs, with some large-sounding guitar-parts splashed on top for good measure. If you enjoy music that can knock down houses, then Humanfly will be your new favourite band.

**Get the rest**

Belle And Sebastian - Write About Love

Now for the polar opposite - Belle And Sebastian. You can't read a write-up of these guys without the following phrases being dropped: "seminal indie band", "bit quiet", "under-rated" etc. All you need to know really is that they are great and if you haven't checked them out yet for some reason then you should be seizing the day right about now.

The Union - Watch The River Flow

We featured these guys waaaay back in May of 2010. Alright, so it wasn't that long ago. Featuring members of Thunder and Winterville, this is balls-to-the-wall blues-rock done well. Here's another cut from their self-titled debut album.

Matt Costa - The Season

Costa is a singer-songwriter with a brilliant ear for a melody and an ability to write fragile pop songs in the vein of the Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel. We realise those are pretty hefty names to throw around, but you get the impression that this guy has studied his craft. That, or he's just a talented bastard…

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