Shawn Drover to 'have a blast' at Grammys



© Kevin Estrada ./Retna Ltd./Corbis

Shawn Drover is dusting off his suit and preparing for a trip to the Grammys as Megadeth have picked up another Best Metal Performance nomination.

Drover and co are up for the gong for 'Sudden Death', after last year being in the running for the same award for 'Head Crusher'.

"Let me tell you, it is nice to wake up, make some awesome coffee and read the barrage of emails congratulating Megadeth on our Grammy nomination for 'Best Metal Performance'. I am really thankful and humbled about the whole thing, and I am looking forward to attending the Grammys and having a total blast, like we did last year," the drummer beamed.

Drover is in good company, as the category also includes Iron Maiden, Korn, Lamb Of God and Slayer. So, who gets your vote - Drover, Nicko, Luzier, Adler or Lombardo?

Rich Chamberlain

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