NAMM 2012: Natal announces new kits



Natal will unveil two new kits at the 2012 NAMM show, and you can get an exclusive look at one above.

The American Walnut kit (pictured) comes in between Natal's MIA award winning bubinga line and their maple range.

The American Walnut shells are 7 ply and are available in four high gloss lacquer finishes: Natural, Pewter to Black Mist, Blue to Green Fade and Orange to Red Fade.

Also added to Natal's fast-growing arsenal of kits is a special, limited edition kit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Marshall Amplification.

The JMK (Jim Marshall Kit) will be wrapped with laminated black Tolex amplifier cab covering, with an amp grill-cloth logo-head, and gold fittings and hardware and will be limited to a run of just 50.

Natal has also announced a line of new steel snares (available in 10", 12", 13" and 14" diameters and depths ranging from 4" piccolo to 6.5").

Also if all of that was not enough, Natal is now also making its bass drums available in 20" depths, rather than just the 18" sizes as previously on offer.

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