Musikmesse: Paiste unveils Twenty Custom Collection



Paiste has unveiled a new batch of metals - the Paiste Twenty Custom Collection. The Swiss brand raised the curtain on the set at this week's MusikMesse show in Germany.

According to Paiste, the collection's cymbals can hold their own in pop, metal, rock, indie, R&B and just about anything else. The set ranges from 10" Thin Splashes right thrugh to 22" Full Rides via 14" hi-hats, 18" chinas and more.

Paiste has also announced it is celebrating 40 years since the 2002 series first dropped. The cymbals, used by everyone from John Bonham to Nathan Followill, are being honoured through the creation of two box sets.

The 40th Anniversary Classic Set is packed with 14" Sound Edge Hi-Hats, 18" Crash, 20" Ride and a free 16" Crash. The 40th Anniversary Medium Set features 14" Medium Hi-Hat, 18" Medium, 20" Ride and a free 16" Medium.

Rich Chamberlain

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