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Get Rhythm on your iPad!



© Blue Images/Corbis

Are you camped out by your local Apple store all day in anticipation for today's iPad 2 launch, foregoing food, sleep and general cleanliness in the process? If you are you may need to take a long, hard look at yourself, but you can also download the latest issue of Rhythm straight to your new toy.

Thanks to the wonders of Zinio, you can get the UK's best-selling drum magazine digitally, meaning it will be accessible on your iPad.

Haven't yet got yourself an iPad? The Zinio version of Rhythm, which does not include our cover disc, can also be viewed on your PC or Mac.

A 13-issue subscription to Rhythm through Zinio costs just £24.98 (inc.VAT which will be applied at the checkout).

Head over to Zinio for more details.