Free online session playing DVD for Rhythm readers



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Fancy picking up tips on making a career in drumming and getting a free DVD? Well, Rhythm readers can.

Session ace Tim Kitchen has launched a course aimed at arming budding sticksmen with all the skills they need to make as online session players.

Tim explains that there has been a huge response to the course so far. He says: "I wasn't too sure if it was something drummers would be that interested in, as it's kind of underground, this whole Online Sessions scene, but when I started getting so many calls and emails from drummers I couldn't believe it!

It's awesome that drummers are switched-on enough to understand the importance of marketing and promotional as well as all the studio stuff we cover, and I plan to do whatever I can to help as many drummers get themselves online as possible."

Rhythm readers can also get themselves a free DVD packed with more information from

Rich Chamberlain

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