Enter the Drumzone with Mark Mondesir

Sick of Christmas shopping? Why not use this weekend for something far more productive... and less stressful!

On Saturday 15 December Drumzone hits the Roundhouse in Camden, London. Drumzone is a day long drumming festival offering something for beginners right up to experts

Throughout the day there will be masterclasses, workshopsand performances featuring some of the finest drummers, drum programmers and percussionists from the worlds of rock, funk, pop, jazz, Latin, African, junk percussion, urban and world music including the legendary Mark Mondesir. To finish off the day there will be a performance by the experts for everyone who has taken part.

Enrol now by calling 020 7424 8456 or visit www.roundhouse.org.uk/studios
Admision: £3 - Under-18s and Roundhouse Members (Standard & Special)
£5 - 18 - 25s and non-members

Check out the info below on all the activity taking place throughout the day:

Junk Percussion with Weapons of Sound
Age 11 - 14 Beginners: 10.30am - 12pm

Beat out rhythms ‘til you drop as Weapons of Sound show you how to make music from things you never knew you could - dustbins, vacuum cleaners and even pots n pans!

Weapons of Sound are a thriving and successful entertainment act, with a team of professional workshop leaders and polished junk percussionists. Their workshops are where people of all ages get to join in with Britain´s junkiest, funkiest band.

Rock Masterclass
Age 14 - 25 Advanced: 10.30am - 12pm

This is for those who want to learn the secrets of how to become a great Rock drummer. Led by a leading professional, participants will have the opportunity to play, and receive advice on any aspect of rock drumming and the music industry.

Jazz Masterclass with Mark Mondesir
Age 14 - 25 Advanced: 1 - 3pm

Whether you are a jazzer, funkster, rocker or just love the drums, you´ll be amazed by one of the world´s greatest drummers. Participants will explore new techniques and approaches to rhythm as well as being able to get advice from him on how to develop their drumming.

Mark is one of the most astonishing drummers on this planet with a mind boggling concept of time, creativity and speed that is bordering the super human. He began his professional career touring and recording with saxophonist Courtney Pine. Mark has earned an enviable reputation as one of the finest drummers the UK ever produced and has worked with many artists ranging from rock guitarist Keith More to jazz greats such as: Julian Joseph, John McLaughlin and Kevin Eubanks. Mark never ceases to amaze audiences with his awe-inspiring technique,subtle feel and sheer inventiveness.

Beatboxing with MC Zani
Age 14 - 18 Beginners: 1 - 3pm

If you ever thought that you can only drum with your hands, think again and check out this workshop with Beatbox Champ MC Zani.

MC Zani is a genius and a leading UK Beatboxer who has worked with Ludacris, Taio Cruz, DJ Jazzy Jeff, GZA, Dead Prez and So Solid Crew amongst others.

Drum Programming with I.G Culture
Age 16 - 25 Intermediate/Advanced: 10.30am - 3pm (including an hour for lunch)

Experienced Producers can explore how to develop their beatmaking skills and take a more rhythmic approach, guided by a Broken Beat and Hip Hop master!

I.G Culture is best known as a pioneer of the broken beat movement. He first became known as a member of the hip-hop duo Dodge City Productions in 1990. I.G founded the New Sector Movements - a collective featuring a number of broken beat artists. His sophisticated and soulful production features rhythms and hybrids of several musical styles such as jazz-fusion, funk and soul.

Planet Drum
Planet Drum are running two workshops (see below) - Afro-Latin Percussion and Drumkit. Both will run in the morning and afternoon, so you can choose to attend both or you can pick something else. When you enrol make sure you specify which workshop - the morning or afternoon session.

Afro-Latin Percussion workshops
Age 14 - 18 Beginners

Morning session: 10.30am - 12pm
Afternoon session: 1 - 3pm

Planet Drum Afro-Latin workshops are designed to build powerful team performance, while learning and performing various rhythms of South American and West Indian influence, such as Merengue, Samba, Salsa and Rumba. Instruments used are congas, bongos, tamborims, surdos, shakers, bells and more. Come and join in the fiesta! Participants on this project will be able to perform at the artists concert in the Dr.Martens FREEDM Studio from 4-6pm after the masterclasses.

Drum Kit Workshops
Age 16 - 25 Intermediate/Advanced

Morning session: 10.30am - 12pm
Afternoon session: 1 - 3pm

The drum kit workshop focuses primarily on relating movement, coordination and relaxation to timing (rhythm) and touch (sound) on the drumset. You will learn how to apply the technical element to a variety of styles, from Pop and Rock to Jazz and Latin rhythms, as well as to improvise and to play with other drummers.

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