3 Inches Of Blood drummer apologises

Following our previous report on a fight between 3 Inches Of Blood drummer Alexei Rodriguez and Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler, Rodriguez has issued an "open letter of apology"...

"To my friends, fans, and the greater metal/musical communities at large:"

"It is with a significant degree of humility that I write to express my sincere regret at the events in Minehead during this year's Hard Rock Hell festival in England. I in no way am writing this in an attempt to exonerate myself from the blame of having instigated a truly ugly situation, merely to let any who care to know where exactly it is that I stand after said fiasco, and to of course apologize to any and all who were hurt, disappointed, or put out in any way."

"I have already issued lengthy and sincere apologies to those most directly affected, and while it is those folks' prerogative if they care to make those statements public, they were indeed only intended for their original recipients: Nigel Glockler, and the members and management of 3 INCHES OF BLOOD. Of course the band was embarrassed and did whatever damage control had to be done by expelling me, and to a certain degree the security guards that evening were also doing what they felt had to be done to contain an explosive situation, and for them I would hold no ill will. In fact, Nigel accepted my apology and correspondence with an astonishing degree of forgiveness and compassion, and I should be so lucky as to henceforth be able to refer to him as a friend, however backward the circumstances of our meeting. I wish him, his lovely girlfriend Gina, and SAXON nothing but the best in their lives, both musical and personal. I only hope that everyone else can be as non-vindictive and adult about the whole mess. (PS, don't bother him anymore; he's expressed quite clearly that he wishes not to discuss it further.)"

"I can say with the gravest sincerity that I have NO desire to engage in anything remotely resembling that sort of (self-)destructive behaviour ever again, and that for my part, I'm doing everything I can to both make it right, and to quell whatever it is within me that caused me to behave in such a manner so that it NEVER happens again. Already I feel as if during my down time I've been able to make great initial strides in that direction. I can only hope that those of you that matter to me, both personally and professionally, would be so generous as to give me the benefit of the doubt, but I ask for nothing, and thus expect nothing."

"Thank you to all the friends, old and new, who've come out of the woodwork to stand by me, rather than engage in the juvenile sideline tabloid-style commentary of the quick-to-judge; I owe you my sanity, and my newfound optimism, to say the least. I hope to see you on the road soon."

Chris Barnes

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