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Zero-G Drum Styles review

A self explanatory sample pack from Zero-G

  • £60
Drum styles is great for adding some real-world beats to your tunes.

MusicRadar Verdict

A useful pack if you want your tracks to feature real-live drums.


  • +

    Lots of variety. Well recorded.


  • -

    A little muddled at times.

Drum Styles features drumming in a variety of - you guessed it - styles.

The collection is a real mixed bag in that it covers a range of electronic and world music styles, but for the most part, it sounds as though the same drum kit and recording process has been used throughout. Fortunately, the quality of the recording and the playing is extremely high.

The combination of dance and world music makes this an ideal collection for anyone who's seeking to produce jazzed-out, chilled dance (a la Jazzanova) or for people who are looking to inject some real-world groove into their tracks.

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