Sound Quest MIDI Quest 10 review

  • $249
Midi Quest's feature-full interface.

Our Verdict

A fantastic time saver that sets free the potential in any old gear.


  • Useful tool.


  • Not for everyone.

Here at MusicRadar, we've always been of the inclination that neither software nor hardware will dominate our future studios, but a hybrid of the two. We can't live without that hands-on approach, but we also need things done fast and intuitively.

Enter, MIDI Quest, a 19-year old software package that's still significantly useful in the modern studio. First featured in FM many moons ago, we thought it was time to remind you of its incredible feature-full interface.

MQ recreates all of the parameters as a graphical interface, which varies depending on the units' editing options, which makes both new and old bits of kit, anything equipped with MIDI, much more versatile and instantly more useable.

This suddenly makes four-button rack synths a lot more attractive as MQ can drop right in as a MIDI Instrument in your DAW and create a soft-synth from that old FB-01 that was gathering dust and offer all of it's parameters as a GUI, or any other of 650 supported instruments.

The price tag is the only thing that stops this product from being a 10, but when you explore the incredibly comprehensive options, the user-friendly approach and the sheer number of supported devices (you name it and there's an editor for it) you can justify the cost.

And if you're someone who works with a lot of outboard synths and effects, you'll reap the benefits in no time.