Nine Volt Audio Chopped Guitars review

Taking a hatchet to guitar samples

  • £40
This collection consistes of gated, chopped guitar parts.

MusicRadar Verdict

Limited and underwhelming, it doesn't give you the freedom to be creative.


  • +

    Good for recreating that experimental 60s vibe.


  • -

    All the samples are clipped.

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Chopped Guitars covers similar ground to Downtempo Guitars 2, though the range of tempos is slightly broader.

As the collection's name suggests, all the samples have been processed with some kind of gating, bringing back memories of The Shamen and their stuttering guitar lines.

There are some nice, dainty samples here, but where are the ungated original versions? This package would be many times more useful if you had the option to do your own cutting.

As it stands, Chopped Guitars is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

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