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Big Fish Audio Nu Jazz City review

From the smoky bars of New Orleans to your studio

  • £40
  • $69.95
The musicianship on the samples is exceptional.

MusicRadar Verdict

All the eclectic and exuberant jazzy sounds you could ask for.


  • +

    Excellent musicianship. Good variety of instruments and percussion.


  • -

    If you're not a fan of widdling, avoid.

This DVD is a pleasure from start to finish - if you like nu jazz, that is.

Containing 25 construction kits, each of which features around a minute's worth of material, Nu Jazz City is a feast of widdly guitar, flute and sax lines.

These are backed up by some excellent drums, bass, bongos, pianos and rhythm guitars.

There's heaps of material to work with here, and the musicianship is exceptional.

The content is suitably dissonant and sombre in places - though not overly smokey and serious - and there are some huge highs, too. In a word, nice.

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