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Best Service Chris Hein Bass review

All the bass samples you could ever need in one handy package

The package offers an incredible range and excellent realism

Our Verdict

If you use a lot of bass samples, you need to pick this up.


  • Truly massive array of sounds. Convincingly real sounds.


  • Not a lot.

Through a massive 12.7GB of samples, Chris Hein has captured every articulation possible across a range of stringed bass instruments.

Using the Kontakt 2 Player, picked, slapped and fretless electric basses are represented, as well as steel-, nylon- and gut-string upright basses.

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With up to 4000 diferent samples for each instrument, the depth of sampling is amazing. The chord-playing function has even been imported from Chris Hein Guitars, so those rare occasions when bassists need to play chords are well catered for here.

With such attention to detail, it'd be easy to lose yourself in the Atmosphere controls, but fortunately there are several options for how detailed a patch you load up when you select an instrument.This cuts down on load time.

Also contained in the package are eight built-in efects, including compression, chorus and a three-band EQ.

The instrument sounds themselves are very good and, if you're willing to put the time in, Chris Hein Bass can yield ultra-realistic results.