Yamaha at The Virtual Guitar Festival: Billy Sheehan, Peter Hook, Chris Buck, Josh Smith and more confirmed

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Yamaha and Line 6 are bringing a tour de force of artists and gear to our Virtual Guitar Show next week of 25 and 26 September with a mix of live performance, tips, demos and Q&A planned with some of their top artists. 

Joy Division and New Order bass icon Peter Hook & The Light will perform a set featuring classics from his career including Age of Consent, Digital and the timeless Love Will Tear Us Apart.

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One of our favourite young guitarists, Chris Buck takes part in a Q&A  to offer solo improvising and writing tips and improvisation for solos, alongside tone tips for the Line 6 Helix

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The legendary Billy Sheehan will join us for an interview about his signature Yamaha Attitude Bass. We'll also go behind the scenes on the gear side with Yamaha Guitar Development's custom shop. 

We'll also travel with Yamaha's Paul Hindmarsh to the company's home in Japan to explore its incredible guitar museum and gear archive, checking out some landmark instruments while we're there. 

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Yamaha THR30II review

Best guitar amp: Yamaha THR30 II Wireless

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"Another benchmark home amp"

Session guitarist extraordinaire Josh Smith will show you the tonal possibilities of the acclaimed Yamaha THR30II Wireless amp, and Line 6's trailblazing Powercab with its speaker modelling will be demoed by the highly capable hands of YouTuber and Rhett Shull.


Line 6 Powercab 212 Plus

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It's going to be an unmissable guitar event. Join us for the Virtual Guitar Show on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 September to be a part of it and for more info on Yamaha's ranges, check out yamaha.com

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