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The Cabli could help you wrap up your guitar cables quicker than ever

Absolutely nobody enjoys packing up guitar cables post-gig, but now Singular Sound - of BeatBuddy fame - hopes to ease the pain with the Cabli, a cable management system it reckons will make musicians’ lives easier.

The Cabli concept is simple: insert the midpoint of the cable - with a bend - into the cable winder and wind away.

Singular Sound says you can wind a 20-foot cable in as little as three seconds, which should make those post-gig pack-downs that bit quicker.

What’s more, SS worked with (unnamed) cable manufacturers, who claim the bend in the centre of the cable is safe, and the Cabli could actually prolong cable life by protecting it from other damage.

The Cabli is available now for $17.97 from Singular Sound.

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