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Welcome to Dimebag day

(Image credit: Martyn Goodacre / Getty)

Dimebag day: To mark the 15th anniversary of Dimebag Darrell’s passing, we’re revisiting archive interviews to celebrate his legacy

Darrell Lance Abbott laid the groove, screamed the blues and changed heavy metal forever. For guitarists he was more than just a huge personality; he was a true hero. A player dedicated to his craft completely; from his teenage years in Texas blazing through guitar competitions, to the glory of Pantera, right up to the moment he was tragically murdered onstage on 8 December, 2004.

Join us as we remember and celebrate Dime with the key people who knew him the best as a musician; his bandmates and peers. 

Learn the riff to Pantera's Walk 

(Image credit: Annamaria DiSanto / Getty)

Get to grips with the classic riff from 1992's A Vulgar Display Of Power with this video lesson 

A guide to Dimebag Darrell signature gear

(Image credit: Dean)

From Randalls to Razorbacks 

Zakk Wylde remembers Dime 

(Image credit: Jesse Wild / Future)

We revisit an archive interview with Zakk as he pays tribute to his friend

Dime's longtime tech Grady Champion talks guitar, amps and tone

(Image credit: Grady Champion )

"I had to convince my parents that going on the road with Pantera was somehow better than going to college!”

Slayer's Kerry King remembers Dimebag 

(Image credit: Annamaria DiSanto / Getty)

In this archive interview, Dime's friend recalls how they met in the late eighties and formed a bond of mutual respect

Classic interview: Dimebag Darrell, July, 1994

(Image credit: Martyn Goodacre / Getty)

Dime spoke about his influences and music in this 1994 interview with Guitarist magazine

Phil Anselmo reflects on his years with Dime 

(Image credit: Paul Natkin / Getty)

The Pantera vocalist discusses their creative dynamic and his admiration for Dimebag 

Jerry Cantrell pays tribute to Dimebag 

(Image credit: Miikka Skaffari / Getty )

They were old friends who went on to huge success in their respective bands – the Alice In Chains man looks back with us on his memories.