NAMM 2024: Waves goes intergalactic with Space Rider, a new multi-effects plugin for applying spatial effects to your project

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NAMM 2024: Hardware tends to dominate the spotlight at NAMM, and while we can't deny that the new synths unveiled by brands like Korg and Yamaha have got us pretty excited, there's also a ton of new plugins and music software being announced that deserve your attention.

One such plugin is Waves' Space Rider, a new multi-effect that packs reverb, delay and chorus together in a single processor. Waves tells us Space Rider is designed to allow producers and mix engineers to quickly and easily create "deep, lush and high-quality spaces" in their projects. 

Space Rider's interface is divided into three, with each effect on its own separate panel with its own gain knob; effects can be fed into one another using the dials positioned between them. This will be a time-saver for anyone looking to get experimental with their effects without having to mess about with auxiliary channels.


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(Image credit: Waves)

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The delay panel features controls for delay time and feedback, and delay time can be synced to project tempo or dialled in milliseconds. There's high and low-pass filters onboard, along with controls for modulation depth and rate, and an offset control for introducing subtle variation between delay times in the left and right channels. Those hoping to get their stereo fix will be pleased to know that Space Rider is capable of ping pong delay, too. 

Space Rider can do two types of reverb; Space is a more realistic, conventional algorithmic reverb while Plate emulates the lush sound of a plate reverb unit. Decay time can be tweaked along with high and low-pass filters, pre-delay, dampening and stereo width. Finally, the plugin offers two distinct types of chorus, with controls for intensity and width.

The plugin also features an envelope follower, controlled by the slider at the bottom of the interface, which can be used to modulate any of Space Rider's parameters via an external signal from elsewhere in your DAW. 

We like the look of Space Rider, and while it lacks some of the more advanced controls you might find in dedicated (and more expensive) reverb, delay or chorus plugins, this looks like a fun and intuitive tool for quickly and easily applying spatial effects to your project.

Waves Space Rider is available now for Windows and macOS in VST/AU/AAX formats. The plugin is priced at $49.99 and is free for Waves Ultimate subscribers.

Find out more on Waves' website.

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