Wave Alchemy’s Triaz drum machine promises “the greatest library of modern drums ever created”

If cutting-edge drum sounds, creative sequencing and sound design features are your things (and we’re guessing they might be) then Wave Alchemy is encouraging you to check out its new Triaz drum machine.

Running in the free NI Kontakt Player, this promises to give you access to nothing less than “the greatest library of modern drums ever created,” which is quite a claim.

The 10,000+ samples are assembled into more than 600 presets, and cover everything from acoustic and electronic drums and percussion to modular synth, found and Foley sounds. Sounds can be created from three layers, while the 32-step polyrhythmic sequencer offers detailed editing on a per-step and per-lane basis.

There are also humanisation features, and you can add varied movement with the wonderfully named Sequencer Slop option.

As far as sound design goes, you have control over multiple parameters on a per-layer basis, while the Analogue Slop feature is on hand to emulate the behaviour of analogue instruments. You can also randomise parameters, and you get multiple effects to play with. Master bus processors include compression, master EQ and tape simulation.

Triaz has a regular price of £150, but you can currently purchase it for the introductory price of £120. Find out more on the Wave Alchemy website.  

Wave Alchemy Triaz

(Image credit: Wave Alchemy)
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