It’s now much easier to save songs you hear on TikTok to Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music

TikTok add to music service
(Image credit: TikTok)

We all know how important TikTok has become when it comes to breaking a song - in fact, it’s where some people go to discover a lot of their new music. It’s not the only place they listen to it, though, and the good news is that it just got easier to add tunes on TikTok to a playlist in your streaming service of choice.

The Add to Music App feature is pretty self explanatory and easy to find. An option to ‘Add Song’ will now appear next to the track details at the bottom of videos - just click this and choose your service. Songs will either be added to a default playlist or you can put them in existing or new ones. The Add to Music App feature is also available in an artist’s Sound Detail Page.

All of which should mean that you’ll no longer be kicking yourself when you hear a song you like on TikTok but then forget to go and put it in a playlist elsewhere and can’t later remember what it was called (though, of course, you still need to remember to press the button).

Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify are all supported, and the Add to Music App feature is being rolled out in the US and UK from today. It’ll be rolled out further in due course.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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