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This Supro Delta King 12 is probably going to be best amp deal of the weekend

(Image credit: Supro)

We've already praised the Delta King 8 amp deal over at Guitar Center, but if you're looking for a great tube amp for gigging, this even bigger saving on the larger 15-watt Supro 1822 Delta King 12 is the one to get while you can here.

Clearly others agree as the deal is now only available to preorder at Guitar Center, but right now you can still reserve it at this $449 steal of a price. A huge $200 off for what we think is the best guitar amp deal out there right now for gigging players.

Supro 1822 Delta King 12 15W amp $649.00

Supro 1822 Delta King 12 15W amp $649.00 $449.00

Preorder it while you can; this is probably the best valve amp deal we'll see this weekend. FET-driven boost function, Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode, analogue spring reverb; this is a lot of amp for the money. 

Even if you're a home player, this is a great looking amp to have around with its black on black colourway. And it's the the biggest competition for Fender's Blues Junior right now; at this price we know what we'd choose!

Feature-wise it's going to cover a huge range of tones for you with FET-driven boost function, Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode, 3-band EQ and onboard analogue spring reverb. This is an amp for life. Reserve one before it's too late at Guitar Center

Rob Laing
Rob Laing

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