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The best value guitar tube amp just got $120 cheaper

(Image credit: Supro)

On any given day we'd highly recommend the Supro Delta King 8 combo for any player looking for one of the vert best small valve amps you can get for your money, but with Guitar Center's Black Friday deal offering a huge $120 off, it's unmissable.

Supro Delta King 8 was $449, now $329

Supro Delta King 8 was $449, now $329

A small valve combo amp that packs huge quality, Supro's reputation for tone and build quality rings very true here. And with a $120 this might be the best valve amp bargain we see this cyber weekend. 

This is an incredibly versatile amp for inspiring you at home for practice and recording. This Class A valve combo is packing packing 12AX7 and 12AU7 valves and offers a FET-driven boost for searing through the mix with solos.

This is an amp where its quality is all about simplicity. It's sweet tones sound great alone and dirtied up with that boost, but this will also shine with your pedals and a direct line-out means you don't even have to mic it for recording. At one-watt you'll get superb valve tones at lower volumes in the home too. 

Guitar Center is even offering both the black and tweed iterations with this great offer. Bag one while you can here! 


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