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This hands-free drum machine and looper lets you ‘stomp’ on your iOS or Android phone

Mobile drum machine and looper apps are pretty common, but Kovaluu’s Beats and Loops has a potential ace up its sleeve - or in the sole of its shoe - thanks to the option to control it with your foot, as you would a traditional looper pedal.

Obviously, there are risks to doing this - the most obvious being that you’ll end up stomping on your phone and causing it serious damage - but thanks to your device’s proximity sensor, you can use your foot to trigger drum fills, switch song parts, record loops and more. You get a variety of drumming styles, and the parts were recorded on a vintage Ludwig kit.

Loops can be recorded through your device’s internal mic or via an audio interface, and all recordings automatically sync to the current tempo. A tuner and a metronome are included, too.

Beats and Loops is available now for iOS and Android from the Apple App Store ($3.99/£3.99) and Google Play Store ($3.99/£3.39).

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