“The most accessible UIEM to date”: 64 Audio unveils its new Aspire 4 in-ear monitor

64 Audio Aspire IEM
(Image credit: 64 Audio)

Purveyor of both custom and universal in-ear monitors, 64 Audio has launched the Aspire 4, its ‘new generation’ universal in-ear monitor, which it claims is its “most accessible UIEM to date.” 

The idea is that Aspire 4, with its four drivers, will find the middle ground between comfort for musicians, performance and accuracy.

As 64 Audio founder Vitaliy Belonozhko explained: “With live music at the forefront of 64 Audio’s tuning criteria, do we make a highly accurate unforgiving studio monitor or a contoured device that helps musicians hear themselves more effectively?” 

64 Audio Aspire IEM

(Image credit: 64 Audio)

“As with many of our monitoring tools, the answer is somewhere in the middle. Huge bass that can reproduce some of the toughest frequencies in the audible spectrum with quick ease. 

"Forward mids that are precisely elevated for articulation in the most vital region of instruments and voices. Plenty of top-end sparkle really separates Aspire 4 from any other UIEM in its class, making this powerful sound signature a perfect blend of accuracy and musicality.”

The maker also claims that Aspire 4 will “significantly” reduce ear fatigue while maintaining around -20 decibels level of noise isolation. 

It works via 64 Audio’s patented Apex (air pressure exchange) CORE system, which is a step on from its previous tech. That provided controlled leak via pneumatically interactive foam, but here the pressure reliving channel comes via acoustic filters. 

Also included is Waveguide. This is a custom-designed acoustic structure that’s integrated onto the high frequency armature driver. Unique in its shape and implementation, it increases the driver’s efficiency by directing and focusing its energy for a crisp and clear sound. 

The other major plus point with Aspire 4 is that, compared to some high end in-ear monitors, it won’t break the bank. Many competitors bust the four figure mark, but the Aspire 4’s current retail price is $900.

Belonozhko’s company has carved a niche for itself in the in-ear monitor market. Born in Ukraine, he worked for over two decades as a sound engineer for musicians and production companies in the Pacific North West before setting up 64 Audio in 2010, initially as 1964 Ears, with his three brothers. 

The idea from the start was to provide a better alternative to the traditional floor ‘wedges’ and create in-ear monitors that would work for musicians at all levels.

For more information on the Aspire 4 go to www.64audio.com.

Will Simpson
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