The hottest new snares for 2021

Ludwig 2021
(Image credit: Ludwig)

GEAR EXPO 2021: What more do you need to make people move other than a kick and a snare? The perfect partner to your kick drum comes in countless shapes, sizes and materials – but which to pick? 

Of 2021's recent releases we've picked the finest snares that are fresh on the block to make sure you kit yourself out with the best.

Ludwig Acrolite 2021 snare

Ludwig has announced the release of two new additions to the legendary Acrolite series: Acro-Brass and Acro-Copper for drummers who want a slightly different take on the Aluminium classic.

Both snares feature a beaded, seamless shell like the Acrolite we all know and love. However, the Acro-Brass and Acro-Copper use a slightly thinner 1mm shell fitted with 10 lugs (rather than 8) per-side as well as Ludwig P86 throw-off and butt-plate.

Price and availability TBC.

Gretsch  Keith Carlock and Gergo Borlai signature snares

Gretsch 2021 signature snares

(Image credit: Gretsch)

Gretsch have of two new signature snare drums for Keith Carlock (Steely Dan, Toto, John Mayer and more) and Hungarian drumming sensation, Gergo Borlai.

Carlock (left), Borai (right).

Keith Carlock is a longtime fan of brass drums, so it makes sense that his signature 14”x5.5” snare features a 2mm aged-brass shell. To create the patina, Gretsch developed a special compound, giving the brass an antique look.

Other features include a 40-degree bearing edge, 4mm die-cast hoops, 20-strand wires and lightning throwoff, while the drum comes fitted with Keith’s choice of a standard Permatone head. Every drum is also marked with an identification label specifying the year of production, as well as being signed by Keith himself.

Meanwhile, the Gergo Borlai model is a 14”x4.25, 1.2mm-thick brass shell - complete with applied sand blast texture finish. Once again, the drum features 20-strand snare wires, 4mm die-cast hoops and Gretsch Lightning throwoff. 

It comes fitted with a Remo-made Permatone Control Sound head, and also features a signed internal identification label. Gergo tells us his signature snare is “sensitive, multifunctional, loud, and limitless”.

Natal Arcadia Acrylic

Back in the 1970s acrylic drums were made popular by drumming giants such as John Bonham and Billy Cobham. Reviving the trend, Natal’s acrylic snare drum offering comes from its affordable Arcadia range, which has received deserved plaudits for its competitive pricing and impressive quality. 

Natal’s Arcadia offerings are seamless, cast in moulds and the clear, round and uncluttered shells make an immediate impression. The Arcadia Acrylic sound is clean and muscular with overtones and unwanted snare buzz as good as non-existent. 

Tuned down they’re superbly fat and waiting to crash into a rock ballad. Higher up, they cut through with ear-jarring ease. Just above mid-tuning point is where they really hit their stride, clouting out backbeats yet remaining responsive to ghost notes and lighter touches.

Yours for $197/£149/€169