The 5 best music tech personalities in the world right now

Andrew Huang in his studio
(Image credit: Andrew Huang/YouTube)

Yet another 12-months have passed and it’s, once again, time to take another look at the world of the music tech personality. These are the people that take to YouTube, Instagram and Patreon to help us all get a little bit more of the gear that we love and the music we make, whether it’s reviewing new products, showing us new production tips, or just entertaining us with their music tech trickery.

You came, you saw and you voted and we have whittled down all nominations to the top five producers, practitioners and all-round creative types who have been your favourites over the past year.

1. Andrew Huang

Mr Huang returns to the top spot for 2019 and this year he has given us a closer look at his studio, checked out some weird and wonderful instruments, collaborated with other creative folks, flipped more samples with even more producers, taken part in some crazy challenges and even drop a competition for the best MIDI-art. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that Andrew here, bagged nearly half of all the votes in this year poll.

2. Loopop

If you ever want to watch a thorough demo of some of the latest music tech online, then you most certainly have subscribed to Loopop’s channel. With over 60 product reviews, tutorials and sound demos in the past year, it is little wonder why you have voted him into second spot.

3. Nick Batt

In the past few years, the Sonicstate boss has always made it into the top three, thus making him a member in the unofficial holy-trinity of music tech video producers. Our neighbour and good friend, Nick Batt ceases to relent in his pursuit of engaging interviews and tutorials, thorough reviews, in-depth chat and a whole bunch of synth-jamming. 

4. Look Mum No Computer

Chasing down Mr Batt is Sam Battle, aka Look Mum No Computer, who misses out on third place by just two votes - so close. Not that it really matters, as everyone is a winner in this category. LMNC’s channel is as eclectic as it is original with Animatronics, synth builds and regular update on his massive Gameboy Megamachine.

5. Hainbach

Another producer making music with the things that weren’t originally designed to make music is Hainbach, a man with a penchant for test equipment. Yes, humble test equipment dragged out of skips, yard sales and saved from a lifetime in landfill have a home and a new lease of life in his studio.

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