The 1975 surprise fans by playing debut album in full at small UK show, demand Oasis reunite

The 1975
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The 1975 have had a triumphant UK arena tour but took a huge deviation to surprise fans with their set at Manchester's Gorilla venue on 1 February to play their 2013 in full for the first time.

The other dates of the tour – including Manchester's own AO Arena on 20 January – had seen the band spending the first half of their sets with a theatrical house backdrop playing latest album Being Funny In A Foreign Language in full, but that went out the window at the intimate show at Gorilla.

After performing their self-titled debut – including the segue tracks and rarely performed – the band then aired cuts from their latest album as well as other favourites at the intimate show. The performance included a nod to the old school fans in attendance at the intimate sold out show; the EP demo version of early song and fan favourite Sex, that later appeared on their first album.

"Hardcore fans will know what we’re up to right now. I want to remind you that nostalgia is a sickness," said frontman Matty Healey after they performed the track with him playing a red Firebird. "This is not nostalgic. We wouldn’t be doing this if we weren’t only getting really good. We’re just starting to make our best work, so I don’t mind doing something that’s slightly nostalgic. Because it’s just for us isn’t it?”

Liam isn't the problem

The 1975 are becoming a big deal right now, and there's no reason why the venues won't keep getting bigger after this arena tour. That also means even more people will be paying attention to Healey's penchant for being outspoken – no unattractive feature in a rock star when it comes to the media. And he recently turned his attention to the subject of Oasis.

During the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio show Q with Tom Power, Healey didn't hold back on the subject of the band's failure to reunite in the face of demand.

“What are Oasis doing?” Healey asked. “Can you imagine being in potentially, right now, still the coolest band in the world and not doing it because you’re in a mard with your brother?” [that's in a mood for our readers outside the UK]."

“I can deal with them dressing like they’re in their 20s and being in their 50s, but acting like they’re in their 20s — they need to grow up,” Healy continued, warming to his theme. "And Liam isn't the problem I don't think. Oasis, the first two albums are arguably both in the top ten albums of all time. Stop marding – they're like men of the people and they’re sat around in Little Venice and Little Highgate, crying over an argument with their brother. Grow up; headline Glastonbury.”

Clearly a huge fan of their music, Healey wasn't done either: “There is not one person going to a High Flying Birds gig, or a Liam Gallagher gig, that wouldn’t rather be at an Oasis gig. Do me a favour: Get back together; stop messing around. That’s my public service announcement for today.”

Though many Oasis fans will agree, Noel especially may not appreciate the sentiment, despite not completely ruling out a reunion one day. When the Foo Fighters suggested a petition to get the band back together at Reading festival in 2019, Noel responded onstage at a San Diego show by asking for a petition to split up the Foo Fighters instead. Liam Gallagher later enlisted Dave Grohl to co-write his solo track Everything's Electric

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