Teenage Engineering's new Duty luggage range bears quite the resemblance to those classic Ikea bags

Teenage Engineering duty bags
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Teenage Engineering has ventured, once again, into the world of luggage and accessories with a new range of heavy-duty carry bags for lugging around your OP synths and anything else you can think of.

The Duty bag range features four bags designed for the OP-1, OP-Z, OB-4 and OD-11 with a nod for more general use.

The Duty Overnight Bag is labelled as being ideal for carrying around your OD-11, should you feel the need, but also as a general heavy-duty large shoulder bag. As its name suggests, the Duty OB–4 Tote Bag is perfect for transporting your OB-4 and offers a far more affordable option compared to its leather counterpart but is also big enough to carry a 15" laptop. Great for MacBook Pro 14" owners, those with the 16" version not so much.

Both the OP-1 and OP-Z cases are capable of carrying more than just the portable synths. The Duty Medium OP–Z Bag is expandable with Teenage Engineering stating that you could carry other accessories such as headphones instead. The Duty Large OP–1 Bag is designed for the original OP-1 and OP-1 Field, with an extra compartment for more accessories.

While we're getting Balenciaga vibes with this utilitarian-looking baggage, we can be thankful that Teenage Engineering isn't charging quite as much as $1790 for the pleasure. Though it has to be said, we're guessing a fair amount of folks out there might still baulk at the prospect of shelling out £79 for what seems very similar, in terms of usage and design, to the classic Ikea bag.

The Overnight, OB-4 Tote and two smaller OP carry-cases are made out of a tear-resistant and water-repellent, TPC-coated ripstop fabric, which is clearly, a far more durable option than the Ikea one. All bags feature velcro fastening and are finished in bright yellow with black detailing, reminiscent of the North Face Base Camp Duffel.

Prices start at £29 for the Duty Medium OP–Z Bag, £39 for the Duty Large OP–1 Bag, £59 for the Duty OB–4 Tote Bag and £79 for the Duty Overnight Bag.

Of course, Teenage Engineering is no stranger to bespoke luggage accessories with the more recent 'field' range hitting the store, allowing you to go fully mobile with your OP synths, TX-6 mixer and other sundries.

More recently, the Stockholm-based company had turned its attentions to furniture design with the launch of the Field Desk.

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