Win a gold-plated Korg monotribe

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The gold plated Korg monotribe Click the image for photos of the silver plated monotrons

The gold-plated Korg monotribe. Click the image for photos of the silver-plated monotrons.

Gold-plated Korg monotribe

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Silver-plated monotron Duo

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Silver-plated monotron Delay

Special edition versions of products can leave us feeling a little underwhelmed, but a one-of-a-kind, 24-karat gold-plated Korg monotribe is certainly worthy of the billing.

This is the first prize in the new Korg monomania sound contest - to enter, just submit a video or audio clip of you making music with your standard monotribe. Full details can be found on the Korg monomania website.

This is a global competition, and there's only one gold monotribe up for grabs. However, monotron users can get involved too: first prize in the monotron SFX category is a silver-plated monotron Delay, while the top monotron music making dog will receive a silver-plated monotron Duo.

Click here for photos of the gold-plated monotribe and silver-plated monotrons

The winners of the monotron SFX and music categories in the UK, meanwhile, will each receive a silver-plated monotron, while there's a silver-plated monotribe for the best monotribe music maker.