What's the best DJing software application in the world today?

Which is your favourite?
Which is your favourite?

Not so long ago, digital DJs were impressed if a piece of software was capable of mixing a couple of MP3s together. These days, however, DJing applications have become incredibly sophisticated, offering countless creative options and enabling you to put together the kind of performances that would previously have been impossible.

It's fair to say that the best of today's DJing software apps bridge the gap between production and playback tools. Indeed, there are some full-on DAWs that can also be used for DJing. With the right app, you can now rework and refine tracks to such an extent that they transcend their origins and become something entirely new.

The inevitable question, though, is which Mac or PC DJing app trumps all others? And that's what we're asking you to tell us - we've compiled a list of popular products and want you to vote for your favourite below.

Our previous poll to find the best DJing software in the world today saw Native Instruments' Traktor Pro emerge triumphant. Can it hold onto its crown, or has one of its rivals stepped up enough to take it?

Only you can decide, so cast your vote and we'll bring you the results of the poll in a couple of weeks.