Triple EQ 3.0 plug-in free from Blue Cat

The Stereo and Widening Triple EQ s can be purchased separately or in a bundle
The Stereo and Widening Triple EQ's can be purchased separately or in a bundle.

Blue Cat Audio has updated its popular range of Triple EQ plug-ins to version 3.0. A number of improvements have been made, but perhaps the best news is that the standard Triple EQ plug-in is now free.

Previously retailing for $34, the Triple EQ is a 3-band parametric equaliser that can be controlled as a single filter with a customizable shape. Like the other plug-ins in the range - the Stereo Triple EQ and the Widening Triple EQ - version 3.0 offers a streamlined user interface with simplified controls.

A number of other improvements have been made too, and we´re also pleased to report that the prices have come down. The Stereo Triple EQ now costs $35/€24.65, while the Widening Triple EQ is available for $47.07/€33.15. The two can be bought together in a bundle that costs $55.66/€39.20.

More information on the Triple EQ range (which runs on PC and supports the DirectX and VST plug-in standards) is available at the Blue Cat Audio website.