This new music making app might be the strangest thing about the US election season

If you thought that this US election season couldn't get any more bizarre, allow us to inform you that it now has its own parodic music app.

Known as Rock The Note! - Presidential Edition, this software oddity enables you to make both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump 'sing' custom melodies to a variety of backing tracks.

The app was created by Cocoa Camel, whose founder Alex Davis says: "This election season is so rife with shattered norms, off-the-rail comments, and ridiculous events that voters might feel they have lost any handle on the process. So we developed an application where the user can physically take back control from the candidates, and have some good-natured fun at their expense."

One you've picked a candidate/singer, you can then select a backing track and play melodies using the onscreen keyboard, before sharing the results on social media or with your 'lucky' family and friends.

Rock The Note! - Presidential Edition is available now from the Apple App Store priced at £0.79/$0.99

Ben Rogerson

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