SSL Duende Native plug-ins now available

Meet the Duende Native family.
Meet the Duende Native family.

SSL has announced that its long awaited Duende Native range of plug-ins is now available. These VST/AU processors are "functionally and sonically identical" to the plug-ins that are powered by the now-discontinued Duende DSP system, but require no additional hardware.

Leading the way are the EQ & Dynamics Channel and Stereo Bus Compressor, both of which offer key elements of an SSL console. Drumstrip and Vocalstrip are designed to help you get great drum and vocal sounds respectively, while X-EQ and X-Comp will help you out when you're mastering. Finally, there's the X-Verb reverb.

All the plug-ins are available individually, but there are also two bundles should you wish to buy in bulk. Duende Native Essentials contains the EQ & Dynamics Channel and Stereo Bus Compressor, while the Duende Native Studio Pack comprises the EQ & Dynamics Channel, Stereo Bus Compressor, Drumstrip, Vocalstrip, X-EQ and X-Comp.

The individual plug-ins are available from the SSL website and prices (excluding local taxes) are as follows:

Duende Native EQ & Dynamics Channel; £199, 249€, $329
Duende Native Bus Compressor: £199, 249€, $329
Duende Native X-Verb: £220, 279€, $359
Duende Native X-EQ: £179, 229€, $299
Duende Native X-Comp: £129, 159€, $199
Duende Native Drumstrip: £129, 159€, $199
Duende Native Vocalstrip: £129, 159€, $199

You can also download 30-day demos.

Boxed Bundles are available exclusively from SSL Resellers worldwide:

Duende Native Essentials Bundle: £299, 360€, $479
Duende Native Studio Pack: £699, 839.50 €, $1,099

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