Sound Magic releases mastering plugin, Neo Mastertool

The Neo Mastertool named not entirely unlike an alien secret weapon
The Neo Mastertool: named not entirely unlike an alien secret weapon.

Sound Magic has released the mastering plugin Neo Mastertool, an all-in-one mastering processor for Mac and PC.

The Chinese company says that the plugin provides its users with "all the weapons you need" for the mastering process. Its features include:

  • 5 band parametric EQ
  • Multiband compressor/enhancer
  • Low-and-high frequency dynamic enhancer
  • Low-and-high frequency psychoacoustic harmonic enhancer
  • Custom designed quad mode, multiband spatial enhancer
  • Brickwall limiter

Neo Mastertool is out now from Sound Magic, and costs £99/€119/$149.

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